Safety at home in the best houses

For many top addresses, SWISS GRIP is fitted as standard in bath and shower tubs as well as in swimming pools and spas. But SWISS GRIP also guarantees safety in entrance areas and places with large numbers of people.



Non-slip coating from GriP: safety for all occasions.

Whether in the shower, on the wet bathroom floor, due to weather or at work, slippery surfaces is a frequent occurrence. If there is a lack of slip resistance, the risk of accidents and injuries due to slipping is high. Showers and bathtubs, tiles, kitchens, stairs: At home or at work, there are floors and surfaces that should be treated to make them non-slip to reduce the risk of falls.

In the projects listed above you can see a variety of different examples of GriP Anti-Slip applications. GriP anti-slip coating is available in different anti-slip classes: Class C anti-slip is suitable for shower trays, bathtubs, tiles in bathrooms or pools that are mainly entered barefoot. Class R, on the other hand, is for commercial areas where slippery surfaces are created when working with liquids: kitchens, laundries, ramps, stairs or canteens.

In addition, our non-slip coating is also suitable for outdoor use as it can withstand enormous loads, intense heat and frost and is UV-resistant.