Anti-Slip Treatment at Hotel Lobby & stairs

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The Dolder Grand, Zurich, Switzerland

Hotel-Lobby with grip anti slip coating outdooor hotel steps with grip antislip treatment Hotel steps with GriP slip resistance side ramp with slip proof coating marble bathroom with acid treatment stone shower with acid treatment

Hotel Lobby, Outdoor Ramps and Stairs with Invisible Anti-Slip Treatment by GriP.

Client & Assignment:
Here we have coated the entrance area with SWISS GRIP® Floor, especially the outdoor side ramps and the stair treads. The treatment resulted in a very effective and invisible anti-slip protection that made the surface slip- and fall proof.
The entrance area coated by us also played a guest role in the US filming of the successful crime thriller "The girl with the dragon tattoo".

While inspecting the premises we were informed of guest showers that were supposed to be provided with anti-slip protection using a product based on hydrofluoric acid. The valuable natural stone surface that was roughened with acid has now worn smooth and no longer provides any kind of anti-slip protection. Problem: The acid treatment is irreversible and the surface has been permanently damaged (image 5+6).
In contrast to this, SWISS GRIP® does not damage the surface and can be removed without leaving any marks and replaced with a new SWISS GRIP® coating. A pity about the lovely natural stone floor!

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Floor >> with slip resistance class R11.