SWISS GRIP: Your safety in figures

A safe feeling wherever there could be slippery and treacherous surfaces – this can also be confirmed by verifiable facts and figures. GriP Safety Coatings offer perfect and safe solutions for almost any application. There is a choice of two product types: SWISS GRIP Bathroom and SWISS GRIP Floor.

shower tiles with SWISS GRIP AntiSlip bathroom coatingbathtub and floor in bathroom with shower tiles with SWISS GRIP floor-level shower tray with SWISS GRIP anti-slip coating
  • Slip resistance classes: GB2/C, R11, R 12 , R13
  • Environment: SWISS GRIP is a water-based, dual-component product and is absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • Appearance: SWISS GRIP is almost invisible and therefore fully emphasises the colour and structure of the underlying surface.
  • Care: SWISS GRIP can be easily cleaned with any standard bathroom and floor cleaner. With large surface areas it is also possible to use high-pressure cleaners and spray brush vacuum cleaners. When used on mobile homes, cleaning in wash tunnels is not a problem.
  • Removability: SWISS GRIP can be removed again because our coatings do not cause any damage to surfaces. You only require the special SWISS GRIP Remover.
  • Eligible for subsidies: In Germany, The safety coatings by GriP are eligible for German nursing care insurance subsidies.
  • Certified: SWISS GRIP Bathroom is the only anti-slip coating to have all important quality certificates. These include the TÜV quality label as well as the Swiss EMPA certification. In addition SWISS GRIP Bathroom has been awarded the bfu safety label.
  • Colours: SWISS GRIP is available in all RAL colours (depends on the project scope).
  • Guarantee: 24-month warranty for the adhesion. The world’s largest bathtub manufacturer, which treats its bathtubs with SWISS GRIP, even grants a 10-year warranty.
  • Content of one package covers: individual sizes possible.