Non-slip Safety, awarded and certified.

SWISS GRIP AntiSlip are the only non-slip coatings to have been comprehensively tested and certified worldwide. Below is a selection of national and international certificates and awards. For a detailed list according to your country or region please contact us.

Safe with SWISSGriP antislip coating

SWISS GriP® Bathroom certificates:

  • Tested by the EMPA in accordance with bfu regulation 9729:2007 for floor coverings with increased slip resistance (barefoot area); EMPA test report 451829.
  • TÜV/ASTM DIN EN 16165 Class R11-certification (former DIN51130). Test certificate BBV 1919119-01, 08.08.2019 according to DIN 51130: 2014-02 and ASR-A 1.5 and DGUV rule 108-003.
  • TÜV Rheinland: Slip-resistant certified DIN EN 16165 Class C (former DIN51097). Test certificate BBV 1919176-01, 14.10.2019, DIN 51097: 1992-11.
  • CSIRO Test Report No. 8324.2
    AS 4586:2013 Slip reistance classification "Wet Pendulum Test Method Slider 95" Result 54 Class P4 (R11-R12)
    AS 4586:2013 Slip reistance classification "Wet Pendulum Test Method Slider 55" Result 76 Class P5 (R12)
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal: ISO 22196 and ISO 846, Test Reports No 3989.1 - 3989.2.
  • Chemical stability against disinfectants. Audit report 17022015.


Swiss Research Center for Rationalization in Building and Civil Engineering (CRB)

  • CRB Partner.

Further national and international certifications and awards on request.

SWISS Empa anti-slip certification
Product award of the sanitary industry
ASTM Standards
Product award SWISSGriP instead of shower mats
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