SWISSGriP is anti-microbial

Hygiene is a top priority in most industries, whether in care facilities, hotels, commercial kitchens or even swimming pools. And everywhere in indoor and outdoor areas that get damp or wet, slip resistance must be ensured.

GriP AntiSlip Quality from Switzerland

Certified resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungi.

GriP anti-slip now brings both factors together: Thanks to a new development, the product offers certified resistance to bacteria and fungi in addition to certified slip resistance.

Their names are Aspergillus niger, Penicillium pinophilum, Paecilomyces variotii, Trichoderma virens, Chaetomium globosum and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Behind these exotic names are bacteria and fungi that pose health risk factors. Particularly in damp and wet areas, the pathogens feel at home and spread - first on surfaces and then in humans. It is therefore hardly surprising that, in addition to the need for safety, people's demand for hygiene is also steadily increasing worldwide. "Never slip again - that was the original idea and is still our intention today," recalls Thilo Bräuninger, Managing Director of GriP Safety Coatings AG. "But that was not enough for us - we also wanted to significantly increase the hygiene standard of our products. That's exactly what we have demonstrably succeeded in doing."

Non-slip, antibacterial and also anti-microbial

Resistance to bacteria and fungi is certified according to ISO 846 and ISO 22196. This is especially highly relevant for use in hospitals and clinics, medical facilities and doctors' offices - in other words, in an industry where antibacterial properties are enormously important. What's more, the product is both antibacterial and anti-microbial - offering an even higher level of protection. That's because antimicrobial technologies prevent bacteria, mold, fungi and even a number of viral strains.

GriP Safety Coatings is the leading global manufacturer of interior and exterior safety coatings. Our SWISSGriP products have established themselves as functional, high quality and at the same time aesthetic solutions to problems. From the very beginning and since product development in the mid-nineties, GriP AntiSlip has met all current hygiene standards. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are officially certified and documented accordingly, says Bräuninger: "We are committed to constantly developing our high-tech product and to exceeding our own high quality standards time and again."

Antimicrobial and antibacterial effect with GriP

All current hygiene standards - plus resistance to bacteria, viruses and fungi

GriP AntiSlip is a granular, water-based two-component coating. It is transparent and therefore does not change the appearance of a surface. The product is environmentally friendly and insensitive to disinfectants. The surface can be easily cleaned with common detergents and even high-pressure cleaners.

World-renowned hotel chains use GriP AntiSlip in bathrooms and showers, as well as in saunas and pool and spa areas. Industrial companies and commercial kitchens, canteens and restaurants, clinics, senior citizen facilities, swimming pool operators and boat builders as well as many public facilities also benefit from the product - both in German-speaking countries and internationally. Leading sanitary manufacturers coat their tubs and shower trays with the anti-slip coating.

Certified safety standard - now also in terms of hygiene

Grip Anti-Slip has been independently tested and is the world's only certified coating for non-slip surfaces. "The fact that no fungal or bacterial growth was now detectable in the official laboratory tests shows another positive aspect of our products," explains Bräuninger. The company is the only manufacturer to offer a certified safety standard; GriP anti-slip meets the criteria according to DIN EN 16165 (formerly DIN 51097 and DIN 51130), ASTM, Bfu and Satra. "It is all the more gratifying that bacterial resistance has now also been proven, and that we have mastered the test for fungi."