Safety thanks to SWISS GriP®

Professional journals and experts are in agreement: SWISS GriP is the solution for all those wanting a safe, particularly fall-proof bathroom.

Anti-slip protection has long since ceased to be a trend, but is now an integral part of planning for bathrooms, tiled floors, stairs and wherever slippery floors lead to slipping accidents. The press has also reported extensively on slip protection, slip resistance and slip resistance classes. Magazines show how bathrooms, slippery tiles and stairs become non-slip. In addition, trade magazines report how anti-slip coverings ensure occupational safety in greasy, oily workplaces. The common denominator, whether in private bathrooms, public swimming pools or commercial canteens: SWISSGriP anti-slip coatings as a sustainable and hygienic anti-slip solution.

SWISSGriP coatings are preferred over anti-slip mats for showers, baths, tiles and all slippery surfaces.

Weatherproof anti-slip coating for wooden bridges

Bavarian State Newspaper: Weatherproof anti-slip coating for wood, 06 22

Art Nouveau Therme now slip-proof for bathers

sb - sport baths leisure facilities: Slip-proof for guests, 03 2022

Building management uses anti-slip coating on slippery wooden flooring

Municipal information: Making wooden planks that pose a risk of falling safer. 06 2022

Slip-proof in the Roman baths

Austrian installer: Slip-proof in the Roman bath. 06 2022

Teak wood surface on the hot tubs non-slip

bel etage - building and renovation: Teak non-slip. FJ 2022

Wood does not have to be slippery

exact wood craft: Wood does not have to be slippery. 04 2022

Glass stairs made weatherproof

GFF Magazine: Glass stairs made weatherproof. 03 2022

Historic preservation with slip resistance

DB: Historic preservation with slip resistance. 01 2022

Anti-slip coating

Painting magazine: Anti-slip coating. 07 2021

Non-slip parquet

Deutsche Bauzeitung: Non-slip parquet. 11 2021

Zertifizierte Beständigkeit gegen Bakterien und Pilze

Liegenschaft Aktuell: Beständigkeit gegen Bakterien und Pilze. 06 2021

Gefahrloses Begehen von Holzbelägen

Sport Bäder Freizeit Bauten: Gefahrloses Begehen von Holzbelägen. 04 2021

Slip risk walk-in showers

Interiro Fashion: Slip risk walk-in showers. 04 2021

Anti-slip shower

SKS Stein Keramik Sanitär: Anti-slip shower. 09/10 2021

Non-slip coating

Stahlbau Heute: Non-slip coating. 02 2021

Bathroom: Anti-slip and anti-bacterial

Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung: Anti-slip and anti-bacterial. 14 2021

Slip-resistant wood

Submissions Anzeiger: Slip-resistant wood. 09/10 2021

Anti-slip teak floor

Möbeltipps Schweiz: Anti-slip teak floor. 09 2021

Bathroom equipment steel shower

Baustoff Partner: Bathroom equipment steel shower. 08 2021

Anti-slip, anti-bacterial and also anti-microbial.

CARE konkret: Anti-slip, anti-bacterial and also anti-microbial. 07 2021

The Austrian installer: Protective coating

The Austrian installer: Protective coating. 06 2021

Car wash non-slip hotel

Quality Magazine: Car Wash non-slip Hotel.06 2021

Hotel+Technik: Anti-slip showers

Hotel+Technik: Anti-slip showers. 06 2021

Minimize the risk of slipping

Baustoffpartner: Minimize the risk of slipping. 06 2021

Anti skid shower trays

Leader I Digital:Anti skid shower trays. 06 2021

Municipal: problem solving anti slip coating

Municipal: problem solving anti slip coating. 06 2021

Certified resistance to bacteria

Der Bauleiter: Certified resistance to bacteria. 06 2021

Surface technology: Anti-slip coating now even safer

mo Surface technology: Anti-slip coating now even safer. 05 2021

Public Manager: More safety

Public Manager: More safety in the glass bank. 05 2021

slip and fall risk

Element + Bau: Slip and fall risks. 03 2021

Surface treatment

Kommunaldienste: Surface treatment. 03 2021

Surefootedness in passageways

Baustoff Partner: Surefootedness in passageways. 02 2021

eliminate skid risk

Facility Services: Eliminate skid risk. 02 2021

Pedestrian underpass: non-slip in no time

Submissons Anzeiger: Pedestrian underpass: non-slip in no time. 02 2021

Non-skid coating for more safety

KTM Krankenhaus: Non-skid coating for more safety. 08 2020

Non-slip coating increases safety

Journal Architekten Planer: Non-slip coating increases safety. 07 2020

Patient safety: therapy pool

SI Fachmagazin: Patient safety - therapy pool. 06 2020

Antirutsch-Beschichtung im Klinikum

SHK Profi: Anti-slide coating in hospital. 04 2020

Rather than antislip-mats: grip coating

Removieren XXL: Rather than antislip-mats: grip coating. 02 2020

Non-slip coating and patient safety

Archiv des Badewesens: non-slip & patient safety. 02 2020

Anti-slip coating on stainless steel stairs

Submisson Anzeiger: Anti-slip coating on stainless steel stairs. 02 2020.

SWISS GriP - Rutschsicherheit erleben

Spectrooms: SWISS GriP - Sicherheit erleben. 05 2019

Anti-slip-protection: non-slip-coating stairs

Installation DKZ: Anti-slip-protection: non-slip-coating Stairs. 12 2019.

SWISSGriP non-slip bathroom for outpatient care

CareManagement: Success factor bathroom for outpatient care. 12 2019.

Safety at home. Slip-resistant coatings

DIY: Safety at home. Slip-resistant coatings. 07 2019.

Product Award 2019 for SWISSGriP non-slip coatings

DETAIL: Product Award 2019 for SWISSGriP non-slip coatings. 08 2019.

slip safe Spa with swissgrip coating

Sport, Pools Leisure: Anti-slip spa. 02 2019.

Surface coating makes walkways non-slip

Installation DKZ: Surface coating makes walkways non-slip. 05 2019.

Spa in Hotel with SWISSGriP Non-Slip

Detail: Day Spa in Hotel with SWISSGriP Non-Slip. 7/9 2019.

SWISSGriP Slide stop for hotel spa

Hotel + Technik: Slide stop for relaxed guests. 04 2019.

surface with slip resistant coating

Surface-Magazin: Surface coating for non-slip walkways. 2019.

Architecture: Slip safety classes

Architecture: Skating rink in the shower. Slip safety classes. 1–2 2019.

natural stone: slip resistance classes

Stone-Magazine for natural stone: slip resistance classes. 02 2019.

Building&Home 50+ Anti-Slip Coating by GriP

50+ Building, Home ,living: Remodelling bath & shower. 01 2019.

Anti-slip classes and certifications

Architekture Magazine: Anti-slip classes and certifications. 01 2019.

Barrier-free: Anti-Slip Coating in the bathroom

Sanitary Journal: Barrier-free "I walked into the bath-room like on eggshells" 01 2019.

 Slip-proof Spa: non-slip safety in the hotel

IKZ Building services: Slip safety for hotel guests. Non-slip Day Spa. 04 2019.

SWISSGriP coating against slipping

rationel Cleaning CH. Products: grip coating against slipping. 03 2019 + 05 2019.

Surface coating makes floors slip-resistant

Submissions Anzeiger: Surface coating makes floors slip-resistant. 90 2019.

Anti-slip coating. Safe shower

Healing professions. The care magazine: Anti-slip coating. 05 2019.

GriP Surface coating makes passways slip-resistant

K Zeitung: GriP Surface coating makes passways slip-resistant. 2019.

SWISSGriP for penguins: slip-proof waddling

haustec: SWISSGriP for penguins. Slip-proof waddling. 05 2019.

Anti-slip coating. Safe shower

Care magazine: Safe showering with SWISSGriP. 05-2019.

building materials - trade journal, swissgrip

Trade journal building materials: SWISSGriP ISH. 04 2019.

Building technology: care bath. Accessibility for seniors.

Modern building technology: care bath. Accessibility for seniors. 2019.

Non-slip bathroom with anti-slip coating

Treffpunkt 55plus: Non-Slip Bathroom. 01 2019.

New study: save bathing - Sanitary Rooms

Submissions Anzeiger: New study "Care Bath 2030" - Sanitary Rooms. 38 2019.

Swiss firm makes showers anti-slip

Luzerner Zeitung: Rotkreuzer firm makes showers anti-slip. p. 24, 12 2018.

Wellness ideas: Safe barefoot walking with Swiss Grip

Wellness Ideas: Safe barefoot walking with SwissGrip. S. 51, 2018/2019.

Building experts: Ice skating in the shower

Building experts: Ice skating in the shower. 2018

Instruction: subsequent anti-slip coating with GriP

Installation-DKZ: Anti-Slip step by step. p. 39-42, 10 2018.

Hospital: GriP Antislip coating for patient safety

KMT Hospital: GriP Antislip coating for patient safety. P. 50-51, 10 2018.

slip resistance class

SHK Profi: Facts about Slip resistance classes. 07 2018

anti-slip stone floors and ceramics

Stein Keramik Sanitär: Anti-slip Floors for the Driving Range 04 2018

Bathtubs in hotel with non-slip solution by GriP

HOTEL+TECHNIK: Bathtubs in Sheraton Hotel with non-slip solution by GriP. 01 2018

anti-slip coating: increased security step by step

SI Fachmagazin SHK: increased security step by step, 03-2018

rutsch- und sturzsicher mit GriP Antirutsch. Artikel

Construction & Renovation: Anti-slip-coating, 3/4 2018 S. 46.

rutsch- und sturzsicher mit GriP Antirutsch. Artikel

Haustec: How surfaces become slip-free, 02 2018

Antirutsch-Beschichtung im Hotel. Artikel

Baustoffpartner: Non-Slip coating in Westin Hotel, S. 68, 12 2017

Antirutschbeschichtung in Krankenhaus. Artikel

IKZ Leben: Saving lives. 12-2017

Article: Anti-slip coating in hotel bath

Sanitär Heizung Technik SHT: Anti slip coating in Sheraton Hotel, 2017

Artikel: GriP Beschichtung sorgt für rutschhemmende Fläche

SBZ -Standing on save ground, 18-2017

Artikel: GriP Zertifizierte Anti-Rutsch Beschichtung

Leben plus: certified antislip coating, 08 2017

Cover Altenheim - Anti-Rutsch-Beschichtungen im Bad

Senior residence: Anti-slip coating in bathrooms, 18 2017

The best protection against slipping

Burda Verlag: The best protection against slipping, 34 2017

Altenpflege: Rutsch-Sicherheit im Bad

Elderly care: Safety at the bathroom, 9 2017

Article: anti slip coatings in public pools

sb Journal: surface coating against wet & slippery floors, 2017

Baustoff Partner GriP Antirutsch Produktvorstellung

Baustoff Partner: A Product that safes lives, 06 2017

Catering: Sicherer Halt durch GriP Antirutschbeschichtung

Catering Management: Product Review, 09 2017

Artikel: Antirutschbeschichtung Barrierefreies Badezimmer

Public Manager: floor coating at lido, 2017

Artikel: GriP Beschichtung sorgt für rutschhemmende Fläche

IKZ building services: A save stand with GriP, 17 2017

article: antislip coatings in bathrooms

Sports Pools Leisure Buildings: Product Review, 2017

Article: Never slip again accessible bathroom

SHK Barrierefrei: Product award - Never slip again, 2017

GriP Antislip coating wins product award

Si – journal for the SHK-branch, 2017

riP Antislip coating in housing adaptation

Housing counselling and housing adaptation in NRW, 2017

Sanitärhandwerk vergibt Design-Preis an GriP Safety Coatings

SHK Profi: Sanitary industry awards design-prize, 2017

Rutschsicherheit die auch nachträglich aufgebracht werden kann

Construction Industry Trends: Slip resistance, 2017

GriP nomination

SBZ: GriP nomination, 2017

GriP Antislip Product review

DIY Magazin: Product review, 2017

GriP AntiSlip in HTR Hotel revue

HTR: Product review, 2016

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GriP anti-slip Review

FAZ: Review on SWISS GRIP, 2015

GriP AntiSlip coating on helth TV magazine

Praxis Gesundheit: TV health Show on GriP Antislip Coatings 2014

IHA planner Antislip Bathroom in Hotel

IHA Hotel Interior Design Planner: The guest bathroom, 2013

SAVOIR-VIVRE Article Necessity is the mother of invention

Savoir-Vivre: Magazin for bon vivants, 2012

Logo SWF1

SWR1 Radio Station: SWISS GRIP Radio Clip

Newsletter shk-barrierefrei

SHK: Central Association of the Sanitary Industry, 2012

GriP Antislip coating Bathroom article by dayly newspaper

Heilbronner Stimme, daily newspaper, 2011

PPF, Fachzeitschrift für Arbeitsschutz

PPF - Trade magazine for safety at work, 2011

Cover Swiss department for accessible housing

Info - Swiss department for accessible housing, 2011

Logo SWF4

SWF4 Radio: SWISS GRIP radio clip on SWF 4, 2010

Hotel- und Gastronomie Zeitung

AHGZ: Weekly paper of the gastronomy industry, 2009