It’s so easy to make your bathroom safe.

The transparent and thus almost invisible SWISS GriP Bathroom will make your bath or shower tub permanently slip-proof. It is also hygienic, easy to clean and removable.

SWISS GRIP Bathroom can be easily and safely applied in just a few minutes. After 12 hours of drying, your tiles, bath tubs or shower trays will be secured against slipping. Once again feel safe when showering or taking a bath.

Step by step to apply your GriP anti-slip coating. In new buildings or as subsequent optimisation during renovation and refurbishment. SWISSGriP makes surfaces slip and fall resistant.

  1. Unpacking
    SWISSGriP anti-slip meets all current hygiene standards and is available in different anti-slip classes depending on the application. All necessary components are supplied completely in a box.
  2. Prepare
    Wipe the surface to be coated, tiles, tub or shower tray with the cleaning cloth.
  3. Masking
    Use the enclosed adhesive tape for masking. This serves to protect the surfaces that are not to be treated. Edges / joints, run-off or even patterns such as horizontal stripes can be masked off.
  4. Merge
    Now the materials are mixed together. Container A is the GriP mixture. Open the cup and stir the mixture well with the wooden stick. Then stir in the hardener (liquid B).
  5. Apply
    Pour GriP Anti-Slip into the tub and apply with the roller. It is best to roll from two directions. Roll again one more time at the end. So GriP is coated about three times in total.
  6. Drying
    The edge marking in the form of the adhesive tape is removed and the drying phase begins. SWISS GriP Anti-Slip hardens for twelve hours, during which time the surface must not come into contact with water, touch or walk on it.
SWISSGriP coating bathroom DIY Set - the anti-slip mat alternative

SWISSGriP Bathroom is available in our online Shops in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. For other countries please contact your local distributor.