SWISS GRIP Yacht & Boat

GriP Safety Coatings provides the leading anti-slip solutions for slippery decks on yachts and boats. Our coatings ensure a durable and slip-free deck.

SWISSGriP anti-slip coating for boats, yachts and ships

The dual-component polyurethane system has been developed to provide outstanding adhesion to various types of surfaces. This therefore enables SWISS GRIP to be used on teak, tiles, polycarbonate, PVC, acrylics and other synthetic materials.

In addition to its outstanding adhesion and durability, the SWISS GRIP coating is also fully transparent. The appearance of your deck therefore remains unchanged. SWISS GRIP is also UV- and seawater-resistant. Furthermore, the coating is easy to clean thanks to its water repellent characteristics and excellent chemical resistance. This enables you to use all standard cleaning products in order to keep your deck clean.

Most importantly, SWISS GRIP is the only globally certified anti-slip coating on the market. Besides achieving Class C in accordance with DIN 51097, GriP has also been awarded pendulum friction tests certifications in Europe, the UK, Australia and in North and South America.


SWISS GRIP is easy to apply. By means of roller coating, both private boat owners and professionals can make their decks slip-free quickly and easily. For professional deck and boat builders, we have developed a spray application coating. The spray coating enables an efficient and fast application process, using either a (hand) spray gun or a fully automated application system. We also offer technical support to ensure that the application process is smoothly and easily integrated into your production process.

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High quality anti-slip coating for yacht and ship decks

  • Transparent.
  • UV-light and seawater-resistant.
  • Only globally certified anti-slip coating.
  • Easy to clean – high chemical resistance.
  • Easy spray and roller application.
  • Certification for barefoot areas: Class C DIN 51097.
  • Certification for shoe areas: R11 DIN 51130; R11 AS 4586.