General aspects: SWISS GRIP / AntiSlip

In our FAQ you find answers and interesting facts about SWISSGriP Anti-Slip.

SWISSGriP Bath & Floor is a DIY set and was developed for the private user. The set contains also all the tools you need for the application.

Yellowish discolourations occur when
- the cleaning was not done with a brush
- or no grease / limescale dissolving cleaning agent was used.

A brush is important from the beginning to safely remove the dirt around the anti-slip granulation. Otherwise, over time, chemical reactions will occur due to shower residues, which in most cases will result in staining.
Detergent powder has proven effective here. To do this, the powder must be massaged on with a damp brush, and ideally it should be covered with e.g. cling film and allowed to take effect.
Once the detergent powder has done its job, it should be cleaned with a brush and regular bathroom cleaner 1–2 times a week.