SWISS GRIP: Safety that saves lives.

Shower and Bathroom with SWISSGriP anti-slip coating


At the end of the 1990s, the Holiday Inn hotel group and its hotels in France expressed the wish for a high-quality and at the same time aesthetically pleasing solution.

The problem was frequent slip accidents in hotel bathrooms. A conventional rubber matt was no longer considered a hygienic option. SWISS GRIP was born!

Founded in 2008 in Baar in the Swiss canton of Zug, GriP Safety Coatings AG (which at the time was called GriP anti-slip Swiss GmbH) developed into the leading manufacturer of anti-slip coatings for wet areas. GriP anti-slip, as it was called in the German-speaking world, and GriP AntiSlip / SWISS GRIP internationally, raised the safety awareness of many well-known manufacturers of showers and bathtubs as well as of international hotel groups, clinics, swimming pools, boat builders and many public facilities.

SWISS GRIP prevents slippery falls and saves lives

Safety for people is the main priority. We ensure the highest standards of safety worldwide through continuous development and 100% Swiss-made products. Swiss technology!

Vision: For our customers, we are the leading innovative supplier of high-quality and environmentally friendly safety coatings. 100% Swiss quality!


Shower tray manufacturer with GriP non-slip coating Just Trays
Bathtubs producer with GriP non-slip coating
Bathroom manufacturer with GriP non-slip coating
Bathtubs producer with GriP non-slip coating
Bathtubs manufacturer with GriP non-slip coating
Shower producer with SWISSGriP non-slip coating
Mission statement
  • We are growing in our strategic business fields. In Switzerland, in Europe and worldwide.
  • GriP Safety Coatings AG stands for sustainability and positive corporate development.
  • With its traditional product range GriP Safety Coatings AG focuses on the European industrial market of shower tray and bathtub producers. Together with our local partner companies, we open up markets around the world and carry out projects for the hotel business, in swimming pools, clinics and other public facilities. The safety of guests, patients and in private households is something that is close to our heart.
  • The quality of our safety products and services is our top priority. We continuously improve our processes. Safety is a matter of trust. This is why our products are certified by independent testing facilities. Around the world.
  • Occupational safety, legislation and sustainably caring for the environment with foresight is a matter of course for us.
  • We are organised in a flat hierarchy, which means that our staff have a high level of responsibility and have the right skills and training.
  • Our staff are the basis of our clear, unmistakeable and professional business relationships based on partnership and a one-of-a-kind market presence.
  • We treat our staff fairly and with respect.
  • We are committed to fair business practices. We have a fair relationship based on partnership with our customers, suppliers and market partners. We are not interested in short-term business relationships, we want them to be permanent and lasting.