SRT Pendulum: Reliable test method for slip resistance.

With our Pendulum test device, we enable concrete floor measurements and determine the exact coefficient when it comes to the topic of slip resistance. What has long been an accepted test method in English-speaking countries, SWISSGriP is now bringing to Europe.

SRT-Pendulum: Reliable test method for slip resistance.

On-site measurement - even after service life.

A wide variety of test methods are used worldwide to determine the slip resistance of floors. Test methods and classifications differ from each other. This encourages misinterpretation of the results and makes it difficult to evaluate products uniformly. The pendulum test has proven to be reliable. The SRT (SRT stands for skid resistance) pendulum test determines skid resistance, is easily verifiable and sustainably reliable. Both slip and potential injury risk of a surface can be reliably determined.

New tool for architects.

The pendulum test provides a professional tool for operators of swimming pools and sports facilities, commercial kitchens and industrial plants, building owners and, above all, architects: the calibrated and certified device delivers traceable and consistently reliable values. Because what to do if the accurately installed tiles, marked with a high slip resistance class, are nevertheless slippery, pose a real danger or even slip accidents have already happened on site? Complaints are tedious matters. The Pendulum Test provides values for clear risk classification and clear risk of falling - and even provides proof when the accident risk has been eliminated.

Interview: Dieter Stelker, Quality Management.

"In German-speaking countries, the inclined ramp test is used. But this only provides a classification system for the slip resistance of floor coverings - a uniform Europe-wide ratified standard (EN for short) for slip resistance does not exist. The pendulum test, on the other hand, is a safe test because it is reproducible - nothing else is valid in countries such as the UK, USA or Australia. We have now made the investment to provide our customers with measurable safety in German-speaking countries as well. The SRT pendulum test method is mobile applicable, the results are comprehensible, objective and meaningful."


Surface friction testing:
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SRT pendulum: reliable test method slip resistance.

Friction test method for pendulum measuring devices.

The pendulum test can be performed for quality control on uninstalled flooring (samples) or on site on installed flooring. Ramp tests, on the other hand, can only be performed in a laboratory and therefore the test results cannot provide information on the durability of the slip resistance. However, some floor coverings can lose their slip resistance in wet conditions within a few weeks of heavy use. For this reason, international restaurant chains, for example, have made the test of lasting slip resistance part of their floor coverings.

Pendulum measuring device: slip resistance shower.


PTV-Pendelum Test Value

Slider 96 & Slider 55 Slip Potential Hazard
0   - 24 High slip potential
25 - 35 Moderate slip potential.
≥   36 Low slip potential



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