Client: Delicia AG, Buchs, Switzerland
Object: kitchen of the staff restaurant.
Assignment: anti-slip coating, old porcelain stoneware tiles 168 sqm.

Substrate: porcelain stoneware, yellow-orange speckled, matt.

Antislip Solution: SWISSGriP Floor Spray System
Slip Resistance: R11 DIN EN 16165
Slip resistance R11
Non-slip angle of inclination 19°-27°

Subsequent anti-slip coating of tiles.

Hygienic anti-slip from Switzerland. Here, floor tiles become sustainably slip-resistant.

Delica AG with 2500 employees produces well-known coffee and chocolate quality brands such as Frey or Delicia. One of the company's main focuses is the sustainability of its production, and it was also named "Best Employer 2022".

The staff restaurant at the headquarters in Buchs let down the slip resistance of the tiles. Particularly due to grease splashes and after wet cleaning, the floor was very slippery. Normally, tiles with deteriorating slip resistance are torn out and replaced with new floor tiles where the slip resistance is still fresh. At this point, however, the imperative of sustainability was factored into the decision. Because although the tiles were old, they were still in pristine condition except for the decreasing slip resistance. The production of new building materials, i.e. the building and construction sector, accounts for 38 percent of global CO2 emissions.

Finally, the floor tiles were treated with SWISSGriP AntiSlip. Using GriP's proprietary spraying system, the slippery floor tiles became slip-resistant in a matter of hours, with a slip-resistance rating of R11/12. And the bonus, compared to slip-resistant tiles that sometimes lose their slip-resistance after a few months of commercial use, GriP anti-slip remains slip-resistant. A win-win solution for the environment and sustainability.

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