Client: Lindner Group KG, Germany
Object: Frankfurt Airport, Emirates VIP Lounge
Assignment: Anti-slip coating, shower areas.

Substrate: natural stone tiles; colors: cream, brown.

Antislip Solution: Anti-slip coating spray system
Slip Resistance: Slip resistance class: R10/B.

Natural stone floor in shower area.

Airport shower areas are equipped with anti-slip coating.

At international airports, Emirates VIP lounges provide various rest areas. In addition to catering, office centers and shopping, Emirates Lounges also offer its guests luxurious shower areas there.

At Frankfurt Airport, the natural stone floors of the lounge shower areas were to be installed with slip resistance classes B/R10. As a rule, Grip applies slip resistance C / R11 in wet rooms, but in this particular case the natural stone tiles were provided with an anti-slip coating class B / R10 on request.

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