Client: Water Park Blieskastel, Germany
Assignment: Anti-slip coating, coloured on platform of a water slide.

Substrate: Stainless steel

Antislip Solution: SWISS GRIP Bathroom
Slip Resistance: Slip resistance class C
Class C:      DIN EN 16165 / DIN51097 – Angle of inclination ≥ 24°
Class R11:  DIN EN 16165 / DIN51130 – Angle of inclination 19°-27°

Slip proof into sliding pleasure.

Slip-proof: Swimming pool slideing platform made of stainless steel.

The Blieskastel leisure center is considered one of the most beautiful swimming pools in Saarland. The water park with outdoor pool, indoor pool, sauna and 10,000 square meters of sunbathing lawn awaits young and old guests alike. There is also a giant water slide with a length of 41 meters.

The platform at the outside pool is made of stainless steel and had previously been coated with epoxy. Epoxy floors are very stable, of high quality and are frequently used where special chemical or mechanical stresses occur. However, despite being a resistant material, the epoxy substrate became brittle and was peeling off. The platform with the mere stainless-steel surface was however too sleek and people walking on to their sliding pleasure were in risk to slip on the platform leading to the slide. The management of the water park approached GriP Safety Coatings with the problem, and subsequently the certified anti-slip coating was applied at the entrance to the slide to protect against slipping.

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