Client: Cruise ship MS Artania
Assignment: Non-slip coating of shower trays and bath tubs on a cruise ship.

Substrate: Acrylic bathtubs and shower trays.

Antislip Solution: SWISS GRIP Bathroom
Slip Resistance: Slip resistance class C
Class C:      DIN EN 16165 / DIN51097 – Angle of inclination ≥ 24°
Class R11:  DIN EN 16165 / DIN51130 – Angle of inclination 19°-27°

Cruise Ship: Shower trays with GriP anti-slip coating.

500 acrylic shower trays on a cruise ship were coated with GriP AntiSlip Bathroom. The shower tray and bathtubs are now permanently slip- and fall-proof.

One is much more likely to slip on the high seas than on land. Especially when showering in the passenger cabins of a cruise ship. If this results in a slipping accident then the term "sea sickness" gains a whole new meaning. To guarantee slip-proof showers, 500 acrylic shower trays on the MS Artania – 44.500 GRT, 1.200 passengers – were coated with SWISS GRIP® Bathroom.

For the task GriP "supplied" 250 tradesmen sets and application training so that the anti-slip coating could be professionally applied. The shower trays and bathtubs are now permanently slip- and fall-proof. and the MS Artania is now one of the safest cruise ships in the world – when showering!