Client: European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
Assignment: Anti-slip coating on office corridor with slight inclination.

Substrate: wood parquet.

Antislip Solution: SWISSGriP Floor
Slip Resistance: Slip resistance class C
Class C:      DIN EN 16165 / DIN51097 – Angle of inclination ≥ 24°
Class R11:  DIN EN 16165 / DIN51130 – Angle of inclination 19°-27°

Wooden parquet floor with non-slip coating.

Slippery wooden floor in EU bank building becomes slip-resistant with SWISSGriP.

The Veolia Group, with over 171,000 employees on all five continents, plans and implements solutions for the sustainable development of local communities and the economy.
One of Véolia Luxembourg's clients is the European Investment Bank (EIB). The EIB is the bank of the European Union and was founded in 1958 together with the EEC. Headquartered in Luxembourg, it provides finance and know-how for sound and sustainable investment projects worldwide.

The EIB's new headquarters focused on environmental and energy aspects in the design of the building. A glass envelope spanning the entire building allows for optimal daylight penetration. The building is the first in continental Europe and one of the first in the world to be certified to the British "Bespoke BREEAM" environmental standard, it was rated "very good".

The corridor in front of the cafeteria is lined with high-quality wood parquet. As you can see on the photos, the floor has a slight inclination. The parquet was slippery and the slope increased the danger of slipping. In order to protect the walkways for the employees from slipping accidents, GriP Luxembourg was commissioned to coat the wooden parquet. The condition and appearance of the flooring will not be changed by the treatment with SWISSGriP and the employees can now start their lunch break firmly.

The work was carried out quickly and professionally by our country partner SWISSGriP Luxembourg

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