Client: EDF (Électricité de France SA), Nancy, France
Assignment: Non-slip treatment of footpaths, vehicle paths, ramps, platforms, stairs and office area.

Substrate: Artificial stone, flooring and ceramic tiles.

Antislip Solution: SWISSGriP Floor
Slip Resistance: Class R11 + R12 - DIN 51130

Non-slip floors at industrial plant: floors, ramps and office area.

Non-slip treatment of footpaths, vehicle paths, platforms and office area in industrial plant with GriP AntiSlip Floor.

Électricité de France SA. The EDF is the market leader in the French electricity supply industry.

We performed two Anti-slip treatments with different requirements at the industrial plant in Nancy. The slippery tile floors and staircases in the office area were slip-proofed using SWISS GRIP® Floor (medium grain).
The footpaths, vehicle paths and platforms in the truck unloading zone were slip-proofed using a coating of SWISS GRIP® Industry (rough grain).

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