Client: Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, Spain
Assignment: Non-slip coating of 357 bathrooms with Corian® shower trays and bathtubs.

Substrate: Corian® shower trays and bathtubs.

Antislip Solution: SWISS GRIP Bathroom
Slip Resistance: Slip resistance class C
Class C:      DIN EN 16165 / DIN51097 – Angle of inclination ≥ 24°
Class R11:  DIN EN 16165 / DIN51130 – Angle of inclination 19°-27°

Non-slip coating in 357 hotel bathrooms.

Shower trays and bathtubs of the hotel are slip-resistant with SWISSGriP Bathroom.

The Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel is conveniently located at the Plaza Europa in Barcelona. Its two 110-meter-high towers are connected by a restaurant with spectacular panoramic views and a panoramic terrace overlooking Barcelona.

The bathtubs and shower trays are made of the mineral-organic composite material Corian®. To protect guests from slipping accidents in the bathroom, a non-slip solution was sought for the bathroom tubs. Shower trays and bathtub liners were out of the question, as they get dirty quickly and are time-consuming to clean. In addition, bathtub liners do not meet hygienic and aesthetic standards. The hotel came across the safety coatings from GriP Safety Coatings. SWISS GriP Anti-Slip is transparent, easy to clean, insensitive to disinfectants and offers slip resistance class C. All 356 bathrooms in the Design Hotel have been made non-slip with SWISS GriP Anti-Slip Bathrooms. During a training course, the building technicians were trained to apply GriP anti-slip coatings themselves.

The chosen anti-slip coating for the hotel's shower and bath tubs is also easy to clean and has won the ISH "Bathrooms for Generations" award.

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