Client: Sheraton, Muscat, Oman
Assignment: GriP non-slip coating application of 236 bathtubs.

Substrate: Acrylic bathtubs.

Antislip Solution: SWISS GRIP Bathroom
Slip Resistance: Slip resistance class C
Class C:      DIN EN 16165 / DIN51097 – Angle of inclination ≥ 24°
Class R11:  DIN EN 16165 / DIN51130 – Angle of inclination 19°-27°

Non-slip bathtubs in hotel.

Traditional Arabic Hospitality meets Modernity. Non-slip coating at the Sheraton Oman Hotel in Muscat.

One of the tallest buildings in the country, the iconic Sheraton Hotel in Oman offers VIP and world class service. “At the Sheraton, we believe that actions speak louder than words. This is why we never stop changing, be it small touches or major changes”, says the hotel website. The hotel is now making innovative changes to further improve the safety of its sanitary facilities, offering its guests a total of 236 bathtubs with SWISSGRIP non-slip coating.

The Sultanate of Oman is considered the best-kept secret of the Arabic peninsula, rich in nature, culture and history. It shares borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Muscat, the capital city, is located on the north-eastern coast at the Gulf of Oman, in a bay surrounded by cliffs. It is a shining example of traditional Arabic hospitality fusing with its modern equivalent.

The Sheraton Oman Hotel is situated above Ruwi, the central business district of Muscat – just a few meters shy of the royal palace, the fish market and the national museum, and a few minutes’ walk from the Mutrah Souq, the central bank and the chamber of commerce. Not only is the Sheraton a local landmark, its name has also been synonymous with 5-star hospitality for over three decades. The hotel’s 230 rooms (of which 27 are suites) offer a magnificent view of the Hajjar mountain range. Not to mention the eleven conference rooms and the largest ballroom in the country (1,200 square meters) which host conferences, social gatherings, breath-taking weddings and spectacular board meetings.

Classic proportions with innovative touches

Originally built in 1985, the Sheraton underwent a full renovation in 2016. With the intention to create a modern experience within fancy yet familiar surroundings, the company hired Alex Kravetz Design, an internationally renowned engineering firm which designs luxury hotels and large-scale residential projects. The Sheraton Oman is no exception to this creative design work: The concept is based on the company’s unique approach, creating a complex historic refurbishment combined with the simultaneous re-branding of the hotel. The recreation of the hotel’s tradition is accompanied by ingenious architectural combinations. Classic proportions harmonise with innovative touches – and a level-headed sense of the theatrical.

The bathroom design also remains true to its regional inspiration. „We would like to increase the well-being of our guests and make sure they can walk safely. In the context of our bathroom renovation, we therefore implemented the best anti-slip coating available,” explains Elena Prokopieva, Task Force Marketing Manager at the Sheraton Oman Hotel. In this context, the hotel focused on the bottom surfaces of its 236 acrylic bathtubs. The hotel operator decided in favour of SWISS GRIP thanks to the positive experience gained at Sheraton Hotels around the world, and thanks to the special combination of functionality and safety, aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Says Prokopieva: “In our hotel bathrooms, we strive to maintain quality, colours and hygiene all at the same time. Therefore, the anti-slip coating must be easy to maintain and easy to clean.”

Soap residue makes wet surfaces unpredictable

As a matter of fact, slipping on wet surfaces is one of the leading causes of accidents and poses a major risk in the hotel business. Shower mats are not a good solution since they do not guarantee long-lasting stability. On the contrary: soap residues and mechanical wear and tear make the mats even more hazardous and unpredictable. Grip AntiSlip is a granular, water-based two-component coating. The material, which complies with all the requirements of commercial use, can be employed anywhere in the hotel business, especially in bathroom design and sanitary optimisation. GriP AntiSlip meets all common hygiene standards and is resistant to disinfectants. Surfaces can be easily cleaned with normal floor cleaning agents, high-pressure washers and spray brush vacuum cleaners.

At the Sheraton Oman Hotel, white ceramic sanitary facilities, high-quality bathtubs and marble surfaces round off the hotel’s luxury design. Thanks to its transparency, the anti-slip coating does not affect the visual impression. To ensure that the coating was professionally installed in time for the reopening, the work was carried out by the specialist partner Ecosystems, a company domiciled in Qatar. „Before the installation, the bathtubs were thoroughly cleaned. The components were mixed onsite and the coating was applied immediately,” summarises Anuj Aurora, General Manager of Ecosystems.

The Ecosystems team consisted of two specialists who worked on the assignment for 13 days. Says Anuj Aurora: “In terms of safety, our customers prefer the only certified non-slip coating worldwide.” The product, which is made in Switzerland, is therefore used in prestigious hotels all over the world. At the Sheraton Oman Hotel, GriP AntiSlip was installed in the slip resistance class C grain. “This is the perfect solution since the material is very easy to process from a technical perspective. We are also regularly impressed by the result and therefore work exclusively with SWISSGRIP,” says the Ecosystems specialist. He advises to check the external weather conditions before applying the coating. Wind, dust or high humidity affect the level of adhesion. If the coating is used abroad, it therefore makes sense to engage a qualified partner company for the installation.

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