Client: Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Assignment: Slip resistance for glass floor on pedestian area.

Substrate: Glass plates.

Antislip Solution: SWISS GRIP Bathroom
Slip Resistance: Class R12 - DIN 51130

Glass floor with GriP Safety Coatings, slip resistance class R12.

Glass plates on a walkway with slip resitance with GriP Antislip floor. The translucent coating saves pedestrians from slip and fall accidents.

The Universalmuseum Joanneum is the biggest of its kind in Central Europe. 12 museum sites and around 30 exhibits show an overview of fine arts, culture and science.

The outdoor area in front of the museum in Graz has inground glass plates which were slippery and let to slip and fall accidents. Besides the non-slip feature the previously transparent glass bottom became translucent.

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