Customer: Suva, Swiss Accident Insurance Fund.
Assignment: Non-slip coating of 80 m² walking surfaces in kitchen.

Surface: Stone tiles.

Antislip Solution: SWISSGriP Floor >>
Slip Resistance: Class R11 - DIN 51130 >>

Stone floor is non-slip with SWISS GriP coating.

Stone tiles in kitchen: the walkways were slippery. The floor is non-slip with Anti-Slip floor.

For many years the canteen kitchen of the Swiss accident insurance company was regarded as a veritable slipping trap. Employees regularly slipped over on the often wet natural stone floor. With our anti-slip treatment, we made the 80 m² walking surfaces long-lasting slip-proof by coating them with SWISS GRIP® Floor. The only thing that "falls" these days is the occasional plate or cup.