Customer: Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH, Schachen Switzerland
Assignment: Non-slip coating of steps and landings.

Surface: Ceramic tiles.

Antislip Solution: SWISSGriP Floor >>
Slip Resistance: Class R11 - DIN 51130 >>

Non-slip steps and landings.

The staircase was covered with anti-slip strips that came off. With GriP anti-slip flooring, stair treads are coated to be non-slip.

Werthenstein BioPharma, a subsidiary of the globally active health care group Merck & Co, Inc. in the USA.

64 of the company building's stair treads and landings, which are dangerously slippery, have so far been provisionally secured only with anti-slip adhesive strips. These had become detached over time. What was required was a solution that was as robust as it was sustainable and that met the company's high hygiene requirements. The staircase is now permanently and hygienically non-slip and tread-proof with GriP Anti-Slip Slip Cash R11.