Customer: La Maison Design Hotel Saarlouis, Germany
Assignment: Non-slip coating of bathtubs .

Surface: Acrylic.

Antislip Solution: SWISS GRIP Bathroom >>
Slip Resistance: Class C - DIN 51097 >>.

Bathtubs with Slip Resistance.

Slip Resistance Class C: 4 Star Hotel with Anti-Slip Bathtubs.

La Maison Design Hotel Saarlouis is a historic villa with a modern extension. A four-star hotel that combines Francophile atmosphere with urban zeitgeist. The elegant villa finds its counterpoint in a minimalist new building, which won the Saarland Architecture Prize in 2017. The ensemble is framed by a forest-like park.

The bathtubs were coated with the certified SWISS GRIP bathroom, which also won the product award at the ISH >> in 2017.