Customer: Castle Hünigen, Konolfingen, Switzerland
Assignment: Anti-skid coating tiles 110 sqm in restaurant kitchen.

Surface: Terrazzo tiles

Antislip Solution: SWISSGriP Floor >>
Slip Resistance: Class R11 - DIN 51130 >>

Slip resistance class R11Angle of inclination 19°-27°

Anti-skid tiles in the kitchen.

Subsequent anti-skid coating for tiles.

Hünigen Castle is a historic castle from the 16th century in the canton of Bern. The Rosarium restaurant at Hotel Schloss Hünigen serves typical Swiss and international cuisine as well as selected wines. Whether on the terrace, surrounded by a park with a rose garden, or in the restaurant, the kitchen spoils its guests with gourmet dishes made from regional ingredients.

Just don't lose your footing in your daily work routine. Around a quarter of all workplace accidents are falls and slips, which are often associated with serious health consequences. With an anti-skid coating from SWISSGriP, such accidents are prevented from the outset. SWISSGriP AntiSlip is suitable for all surfaces and guarantees subsequent slip protection.

The robust anti-skid system is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is both frost-proof and UV-resistant. In addition, GriP AntiRutsch can be cleaned with both vacuum sweepers and high-pressure cleaners. The unique composition also makes SWISSGriP durable, easy to clean and slip resistant. Therefore, our anti-skid system is used especially in commercial kitchens, canteens and walkways.