slip-Proof travertine dimension stone at pool area

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Private House, HÜhnenberg, Switzerland

Non-slip travertine dimension stone at pool Non-slip travertine dimension stone slip-proof travertine dimension stone at pool slip-proof travertine tilesslip-proof travertine tilesslip-proof travertine tiles

Preventive slip protection at the pool with anti-slip coating by SWISS GRIP

The pool in a private house is frequently used by all family members. The flooring is of travertine dimension stone. Travertine is typically light cream to tan in colour. The beautiful appearance and its soft touch make it a popular material for use inside and out. Mostly this natural stone is used as floor tiles.

A In order to prevent slipping accidents, the polished natural stone travertine was coated slip-proof with SWISS GRIP. This means that young and old can walk safely even when the floor tiles surrounding the pool are wet.

slip-poof coating 57qm of the pool area. Surface: travertine dimension stone, polished.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Bathroom >> with slip resistance class C.