Customer: Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa, Sonderborg, Denmark
Assignment: Antislip coating on 259 qm at pool areas, changing rooms and nordic spa.

Surface: Stoneware tiles.

Antislip Solution: SWISS GRIP Bathroom >>
Slip Resistance: Class C - DIN 51097 >>

Swimming pool with antislip tiles.

Antislip tiles in pool area, changing rooms and Nordic Spa. SWISS GriP makes slippery floors slip-resistent.

The new Alsik Nordisk Spa & Wellness is the largest spa in Denmark. Guests can choose from more than 60 different spa and wellness experiences spread over 4,500 square metres on four floors.

The large spa draws its inspiration from Scandinavian nature, light, water and forests. The spa offers its guests the opportunity to relax in various pools, saunas, steam baths and whirlpools. The children have their own pool. In the open air there is also a 30 degree warm pool with salt water. From the spa there is a unique view of the city harbour. The spa also offers beneficial massages, treatments, training and sports.

In the wet areas of the spa, various porcelain stoneware tiles with R10/A+B surfaces were laid. Porcelain stoneware tiles are by far the most popular tiles to lay on the floor. Porcelain stoneware tiles are characterized by their excellent technical properties and are also suitable for outdoor installation due to their low water absorption. However, despite the anti-slip standards R10/A+B, the tiles were slippery, especially in areas where the floor tiles come into contact with a lot of water: swimming pool surrounds, walkways, showers, Kids Spa etc.

GriP Safety Coatings was contacted because of the slippery tiles and coated the tiles at the children's pool. The anti-slip coating made the tiles non-slip and sure-footed, even with lots of water on the surfaces due to the children splashing around. The spa operators then commissioned GriP to treat all the slippery tiles with GriP Anti-Slip. Since then, the tiles have had sufficient anti-slip properties with and without puddles of water.