Hospital with slip-proof Showers.

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University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland

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Hospital with slip-proof showers for advanced safety for patients.

The University Hospital of Bern (Universitätsspital Bern, or simply Inselspital) is one of renowned hospitals of Switzerland.
The hospital employs a staff of  more then 7,200 and provides care for 250,000 patients each year. It also provides practical training to 600 medical students and over 1,000 other healthcare professionals.

In the 1930 build Lory Haus the bathrooms en suite were made slip-proof with SWISS GRIP Bathroom. The patients feel safe showering and this adds to their well-being.

GriP coatings was also the first choice because hospital showers are frequently treated with disinfectant and strong detergents. GriP AntiSlip Bathroom has resistance to those chemicals and dyes and is tested to DIN EN 14527 norms.

Non-slip coating of showers in patient's bathroom en suite.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Bathroom >> with slip resistance class C.