Slip-proof: concrete flooring for people and dogs

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Private House, HÜhnenberg, Switzerland

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Concrete stairs become slip-proof with SWISSGRIP anti-slip coating

Monoblock concrete is ideal for industrial and commercial floors. The robust material is also frequently used as flooringfor cellars, garages, balconies or petrol stations.

Concrete stairs become smoother and smoother in the surface in the long run by the use.
The beloved dog in a private house was no longer quite as safe on the road due to his age and did not want to run up and down the stairs in the covered outdoor area after his first fall.
Today, people and dogs walk again on a slip-proof floor with SWISS GRIP anti-slip coating.

Anti-slip coating 16 steps made of mono-concrete flooring.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Bathroom >> with slip resistance class C.