Special cleaner for SWISS GRIP.

Safety is always a neat and tidy affair.
SWISS GRIP: a product that saves lives. Regular cleaning care guarantees you will feel safe for a very long time. It works best with the new special cleaner for SWISS GRIP coating for bath tubs, shower trays, tiles and surfaces.


SWISSGriP Cleaning kit


Safety that lasts a long time.


The SWISS GRIP cleaning kit makes it easy for you to care for your non-slip surfaces. The set contains a GriP special brush and a 500 ml bottle of SWISS GRIP cleaner. The SWISS GRIP cleaner is highly effective on lime, grease, soap and other types of dirt.

It is extremely easy to apply: for daily cleaning, add 10 ml to 1 litre of cold water. The cleaner lasts for up to 50 applications. You can watch how quick and easy it is to clean SWISS GRIP surface at our cleaning video.