Slip resistance in water park & spa

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Aqualand Osterrode, Germany

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Slippery Floor Tiles in Water Park are Coated with SWISS GriP® Slip Resistance Class R11

The family water park Aqualand in the Harz mountains combines an indoor and outdoor pool and spa area to create an island of entertainment and relaxation.
The sauna area alone is used by over 30,000 visitors annually. The mix of moisture and sweat on the floor tiles presents an increased risk of slippage, particular in the area of the steps. Here, a SWISS GriP® antislip floor coating provides protection against slipping.

In public baths in particular, supplementary measures are becoming increasingly important in order to ensure greater protection against slippage. This is frequently an aspect which is forgotten during construction, sometimes with fatal consequences. After just six days in operation, a leisure pool in Forchheim, Germany which had cost 18 million euros to build was forced to close – due to the risk of slippage!

Antislip coating on floor tiles and steps at a water park.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Floor >> with slip resistance class R11.