Wet but slip proof: Safe at Pool Area

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Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie, Germany

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Wet but slip proof: Steps and tiles at pool area.

The hotel is situated in Berlin's historic district of Mitte, which has now become a fashionable area. We were given the task of tackling the increasing number of slip and fall accidents on the steps to the pool. The technical challenge: the area to be coated was continuously exposed to water due to its proximity to the pool. The solution: SWISS GRIP® Water, a double coating based on a combination of SWISS GRIP® Bathroom and SWISS GRIP® Floor.

The area to be coated only needed to be closed off between 8 pm and 6 am, before being re-opened to guests. The hotel management is highly satisfied with the result; since then, no further accidents have occurred from falling, and no complaints have been made to the hotel.

Slip proof safety coating on pool area with steps.

Antislip Solution:
Combination of SWISS GRIP Bathroom >> with slip resistance class R11 and
with slip resistance class R11.