Non-slip showers in patient hotel

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Hôtel des Patients, Lausanne, Switzerland

Antirutschbelag in Patientenhotel Antirutschbelag in Patientendusche Antirutschbelag in Patientendusche Anti-rutsch Bebeschichtung in Patientenhotel Anti-rutsch belag in Klinikdusche

Patient hotel with slip-resistance class C showers for the safety of patients and guests.

The Hôtel des Patients, located in the heart of a peaceful area of the city of Lausanne, offers a spectacular view over the lake. The 3-star superior modern and welcoming hotel is directly situated within the grounds of the University Hospital.
As the first establishment of its kind in Switzerland, the Hôtel des Patients is a concept that clientele includes passing tourists, business travelers, the families of patients and the patients themselves.

The showers of the new hotel were made slip-proof with GriP AntiSlip. Non-slip coatings by GriP are especially suitable for hospitals and hotels since it is resistant to disinfectant and strong detergent and tested to DIN EN 14527 norms. Furthermore, the used non-slip coating by GriP won the award "Bathroom Design for All". The coating with slip-resistance class C is easy to maintain and does not change the appearance of the designed surrounding.

Non-slip coating of 78 showers.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Bathroom >> with slip-resistance class C.