GriP non-slip Coatings in Holiday Resort

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Club Aldiana, Hurghada, Egypt

Non-slip coating on pool ans stairs Non-slip coating on footwalks and pool Non-slip coating on showers Non-slip coating on Jacuzzi Non-slip coating in holiday resord

Non-slip coatings at pool, showers, stairs, jacuzzi and footways in holiday club.

A company like Club Aldiana "sells" the whole spectrum of fun and relaxation. However, slipping accidents can quickly cast a cloud over an idyllic holiday location.

In the past, guests have repeatedly experienced painful slipping accidents while running exuberantly over the often wet fine stone tiles around the pool. Rolled anti-slip mats on the foot were out of the question for reasons of visual aesthetics. We coated the areas around the edge of the swimming pool, in the showers, around the Jacuzzi, on the staircases and the swimming pool ladders with SWISS GRIP Floor – over a total area of 290 m². Since then the guests at Aldiana definitely enjoy even more fun and relaxation.

Non-slip coating on footways, swimming pools, showers, jacuzzi and stairs in holiday resort.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Floor >> with slip resistance class R11.