Slippery bridge with GriP Antislip Coating.

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Bridge, Luzern, Switzerland

bridge with GriP anti-slip coating GriP AntiSlip on bridge bridge with non-slip coatingbrighe surface with non-slip coating bridge with non-slip coating

GriP Antislip Floor coating makes bridge slip- and fall proof with slip resistance class R11.

The private residential building is accessed through a modern bridge. However with humid and rainy weather the stylish brigde was slippery and hazardous.GriP Safety Coatings was assigned to find a solution to make the acess slip free. Subsequently the bridge was coated with SWISS GRIP Floor. The bridge has now a slip resistance class R11 and people can safely walk in and out without slipping on wet cause.

Non-slip coating on slippery outdoor bridge on a private estate.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Floor >> with slip resistance class R11.