Safety coating of 130 steps

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Residential quarter, Muri, Switzerland

condominium with antislip steps antislip coating in condominium concrete steps with non slip coating Slide 4 anti-slide steps in apartment building

Anti-slip solution for concrete steps with SWISS GRIP Floor transparent, resistance class R11

a4D Architekten AG, Zurich.
In a newly constructed residential building, the residents were repeatedly exposed to sliding hazards. The stairs made of concrete steps were slick and slippery even when dry. A simple and sustainable way to avoid the risk of slippage on the ground was sought. The architect's office chose SWISS GRIP coating as a solution.

With GriP AntiSlip neither the staircase is optically altered nor is the surface structure of the material attacked (unlike acid coatings). The transparent coating is easy to clean, even with commercial cleaning methods. The users of the staircase can thus use the stairs without slipping and, even in wet conditions, slip resistance is guaranteed.

Safety coating of 130 steps in an apartment building with 56 units.


Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Floor transparent >> with slip resistance class R11.
Ground cleaning, neutralize, apply promoter and dry polish.