Steel enamel bathtubs with slip resistance

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The Westin Hamburg, Germany

Hotel Westin in Elbharmonie Hotel with antislip steel enamel bathtubs Anti slip coating in hotel bathroom GriP antislip steel enamel bathtubs Hotel with grip antislip steel enamel bathtubs steel enamel bathtub with GriP Antislip coating

Steel enamel bathtubs with slip resistance in The Westin Hamburg Hotel.

The Westin Hamburg hotel is located in the upper part of the Elbphilharmonie and offers 244 guest rooms and suites. Every room is at least 40 meters above the Elbe river with the building going up to 110 meter. The hotel spans from the 6th to the 20th top floor. Every bath room has a steel-enamel bathtub facing the floor-to-ceiling windows where guest have a spectacular view over the "HafenCity".

Anti-slip coating of 244 steel enamel bathtubs.

Antislip Solution:
SWISS GRIP Bathroom >> with slip resistance class C. .