Slip-free walk in showers in retirement home

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Senior Citizens Centre Frauensteinmatt, Switzerland

Senior Citizens Centre with GriP AntiSlip Coatingsshower tiles with non-slip coatingDusche mit GriP AntirutschbeschichtungGriP non slip treatment on shower floor GriP non slip coating on tilesGriP antislip on stone floor

Walk in showers of retirement home are slip-free with GriP AntiSlip

Senior Citizens Centre Frauensteinmatt.

Without due consideration of the clientele, the newly constructed Frauensteinmatt senior citizens centre was equipped with tiles (size 10x10cm) in the walk-in showers.
The smooth floor tiles were hazards that easily made people lose their balance.We coated the showers with GriP AntiSlip® Floor (medium grain) in only 2 days to provide lasting slip-proofing. The management of the retirement home are very satisfied with the quick execution of the work and the results. Most of all residents can now use the slip-free showers without the danger of slippery falls.

Antislip Solution:
GriP AntiSlip Floor >> with slip resistance class R11.