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GriP AntiSlip comes in two specifications: GriP AntiSlip Bathroom and GriP AntiSlip Floor. Both provide the perfect solution for slippery ceramic, natural stone, wood, metal, glass or other floor coverings and tiles that are walked on with bare feet or shoes.

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In order to determine the right GriP AntiSlip product for your particular “problem situation”, please get in touch with our service team >>. GriP AntiSlip is particularly suitable for shower areas, open-air and indoor swimming pools, entrance and connecting areas, stairs, terraces, balconies, ramps, shopping malls, ships, surfboards, commercial kitchens, production halls, warehouses, laboratories, washing facilities, breweries, dirt traps and much more besides.
For commercial applications we offer GriP AntiSlip coatings in different grains and slip resistance classes. Which product combination offers the respectively best anti-slip solution depends on the specific application area.

We will be happy to provide you with detailed advice.
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  • Slip resistance classes: R 11, R 12, R 13.
  • Environmentally friendly: Application uses water-based, dual-component coating.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: The anti-slip coating is almost invisible and therefore fully emphasises the colour and structure of the underlying surface (e.g. tiles or granite).
  • Low-maintenance: Can be easily cleaned with normal floor cleaning agents, high-pressure washers (Keep 60 cm safety distance!) and spray brush vacuum cleaners.
  • Removable: The underlying surface is not damaged by GriP AntiSlip. The anti-slip coating can be removed with GriP AntiSlip Remover.
  • Eligible for subsidies: In Germany, GriP AntiSlip is eligible for German nursing care insurance subsidies.
  • Colours: GriP AntiSlip is available in all RAL colours (depends on the project scope). This enables damaged floors or underlying surface material to be invisibly resealed.
  • 24-month warranty for the adhesion.
  • Content of one package covers: individual sizes possible.