Your bathroom:the safest place in the home

The transparent and almost invisible GriP AntiSlip Bathroom will make your bath or shower tub permanently slip- and fall-proof. GriP AntiSlip is not only easy to apply yourself it is also hygienic, easy to clean and can be removed without leaving any traces. With GriP AntiSlip you can once again feel safe and secure in your bathroom.

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GriP AntiSlip is a colourless, environmentally friendly, water-based, dual-component coating. You can easily apply our AntiSlip coating yourself. GriP AntiSlip is supplied in a small box that includes all the components you require to safely apply GriP AntiSlip. Very clear and precise instructions will take you step by step through the application process. A short video explaining how to apply GriP AntiSlip can be found here: DIY >>.
GriP AntiSlip Bathroom coatings makes floors, baths, shower tubs permanently slip-proof.

GriP AntiSlip Bathroom at a glance:
  • Slip resistance class: GB2/C
  • Environment: GriP AntiSlip is a water-based, dual-component coating and is absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • Appearance: GriP AntiSlip is almost invisible and therefore fully emphasises the colour and structure of the underlying surface (e.g. bathtub or tiles).
  • Care: GriP AntiSlip can be easily cleaned with any standard bathroom or floor cleaner.
  • Removability: GriP AntiSlip can be removed again because our product does not cause any damage to surfaces. You only require the special GriP AntiSlip Remover.
  • Eligible for subsidies: In Germany, GriP AntiSlip is eligible for German nursing care insurance subsidies.
  • Certified: GriP AntiSlip Bathroom is the only anti-slip coating to have all important quality certificates.
  • TÜV Siegelempa