Accessible housing with anti-slip in care facility.

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Foundation Maihof, Zug, Switzerland

residence for disabled people with GriP antislip coatingChanging room with GriP non-slip coatingPool with GriP Antislip coatingbathroom with GriP Antislip coatingPool surroundings with GriP Antislip coatingPool tiles with GriP Antislip coating

Foundation Maihof, Zug, Switzerland

Foundation Maihof, Care Facility.

First we equipped the treads of all stairs in the stairwell with GriP AntiSlip® Floor. To provide clear visualisation the first and last step of each staircase were highlighted using blue indicator tape.
A year later to improve the accessible housing we provided the swimming pool and all associated changing rooms, showers and toilets with an anti-slip coating over a total area of 150 m². Since then, the people in the Stiftung Maihof have a much safer feeling when walking over the often wet floors. The falls frequently occurring in the past now no longer occur.
In our regular post-application inspections the personnel repeatedly tell us that cleaning can be performed without problems.

Antislip Solution:
GriP AntiSlip Bathroom >> with slip resistance class C.
GriP AntiSlip Floor >> with slip resistance class R11.